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Sibuyan is the second largest island of Romblon. It has three municipal towns namely San Fernando, Cajidiocan, and Magdiwang. The language or dialect being spoken by Sibuyanons is mainly Visayan of Hiligaynon and Kinaray-a varieties similar to the ones spoken by the people of Masbate, Panay, and Negros Islands although Tagalog or Pilipino language is also being used.

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Sam Rios' San Fernando, Sibuyan, Romblon

Sibuyan Sea in the 21st century is now a very peaceful place only disturbed occationally by tropical typhoons. It is a busy networks of sea lanes connecting all sea ports and all corners of the Philippines. Sibuyan Island and Sibuyan Sea like other Romblon group of islands are now geo-politically and officially parts of and belonging to the Southern Tagalog Region since the infamous declaration of Martial Law in the early 70's by the late President Ferdinand Marcos. The language widely spoken by the people of Romblon and Sibuyan Sea in the 21st century remains to be a visayan though. Its people are now scathered all over the world like a modern conquerors and continue to quitely shape the world history, influence the various fields of daily lives in their adopted countries, and contribute for the betterment of the modern global society without forgeting their Sibuyan and Romblon roots.

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